Everlasting racing Infinite running car racing game

Everlasting racing is our first game. It’s an arcade infinite running car racing game.

Everlasting racing-hot asphalt

What make the game different from others similar product is the possibility to replay a random generated track. These feature will allow player to run against each other on local lan or over internet.

The player will be able to customize the track choosing the amount of slopes, curves, gallery ecc..

At the moment Everlasting racing is in beta and will be released soon on Android as free to play game.

The final version of the game will provide over 60 unique replyable tracks and at least 10 unique cars.

You can watch a demo of the actual version here:

The game is based on the LibGDX library and will support Google play game.

Here you can watch some screen shot of the work in progress, other preliminary images of the game can be see on this site:

Everlasting Racing

A first person shot of a countr road

Everlasting Racing

Urban district with high detailed buildings

Everlasting Racing

Plain forrest

Everlasting Racing

Mountain road

Everlasting Racing

Approaching a City

The game will support Android 4.0 and superior.

It will support real time lighting, shadow and reflect.

Soon a beta test campaign will be started if you are interested contact me on twitter or facebook.

There is a long list of todo that I want to introduce over time:

  • Car modding and customization
  • Online server for car racing campaign
  • More enviroment element
  • More car
  • Programmable plugin to add more customization to random tracks
  • Play using the music on your device instead of the default sound tracks
  • and more…

If you like this game visit its facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/evelastingracing

If you are a game developer and are interested in share your experience, I will soon start a series of articles relating on game development. Check it out!