Experimenting with Physical Based Render (PBR) using LibGDX – 1 Phase 1: porting a basic shader in LibGDX

Abstract: PBR LibGDX: a series of artcilese showing some experimentation with Physical Based Render using LibGDX.


This series of article will describe how to implement Physical Based Render using LibGDX

In last few year PBR (Physical Based Render) had gained more and more popularity in the game development community. PBR can be implemented in various way but the idea is that shading capability in modern system are advanced enough that some old approximation, used in the past to improve rendering performance, can be now dropped.

PBR LibGDX-img1

PBR LibGDX: Various effect of the final shader

At this point a question can arise in your mind: why does investigate this technology in LibGDX witch main use is in the field of mobile devices, where GPU horsepower is very limited?

The answer is reusab...

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Procedural worlds it’s starting up!

Hello world,

I’m a solo developer (at least at the moment :)). Since I was a 10 year old boy and my parents gave me a Commodore 64 I dreamed to develop a computer Game, more than 30 year later and after several sleepless night finally heare I’am!

You my ask why “Procedural worlds”? Because I was always fascinated by the idea of a game that look new everytime you play it, and procedurally generated gameplay map are a key aspect for this objective.

At the moment I’m developing my first game: everlasting racing, an infinite running car racing game and try to guess… the racing traks are procedurally generated at run time.

For the moment that’s all.

I hope to hear from you soon, send me suggestion and feedback!

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